Vol 1:8 Jesus’ Missional Awareness – Sent by God

My understanding of Jesus’ life and ministry was transformed when I sat in on a theology class taught by Ray S. Anderson. In my seminary days, I knew Jesus went about doing the things of God – after all, he came to make God the Father known (cf. John 1: 18), however, I was unaware of Jesus’ self-understanding of his missional awareness and his being sent by God. In reality, I should not...

Vol 1:7 God Calling and Sending in Scripture

I always understand something better when I hear stories about what I am trying to grasp. God’s missional purpose throughout human history is also best understood through stories, through God’s encounter with ones God has called and sent. In exploring the narrative of Scripture, we begin to see God’s missional redemptive purpose in God’s choosing, calling and sending out a people to...

Vol 1:6 The Missionary Nature of God

Ever since the disobedience and rebellion of humanity to God their creator, God has been active in overcoming the power of sin and death in human life and bringing about reconciliation between human beings and God. In that God gave the realm of the earth to human beings as their dwelling place, for which they were to exercise stewardship in interdependence with God, God’s acts of redemption...

Vol 1:5 Church as Foretaste of the Reign of God

In continuing to examine the church’s relationship with God’s reign, it was expressed that the church points to God’s present and coming reign – that God’s reign is present and active in the world in which God is making all things new. In this sense, the church is a sign of God’s reign. Further, the church is called to partner with God in effecting the will of God on earth, just as...

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