Vol 1:17 Being Missional in Preaching: Hearing the Voice of the Spirit in our Midst

Missional leading that is concerned with cultivating missional awareness is also concerned with the congregation discerning the leading of the Spirit. What is the Spirit doing amongst us? What is the Spirit doing in the community into which we are being sent? How are we being equipped and empowered by the Spirit to participate in God’s mission in our ministry settings? These are key...

Vol 1:16 Reflection on What I’m Reading (in missional literature)

The book written by several missional authors that helped establish missional understanding in the North American context is Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America (Eeredmans, 1998). It provided a theological foundation for understanding the need for a missional understanding of church in North America. Many readers struggled with how to apply Missional Church...

Vol 1:15 Visioning and the Mission of God (Part 4: Leadership that cultivates God’s mission)

Missional leading is different than the kind of leadership many of us have done or experienced. I remember a number of years ago when I stepped out of the pastorate to do doctoral studies, I found myself being on the other side of the pulpit. Sitting in the pew, I realized that the pastoral leadership in the church I was attending did not connect with me, nor as I noticed, those sitting next to...

Vol 1:14 Visioning and the Mission of God (Part 3: What part of God’s mission are we called to?)

So we begin to develop a sensitivity to see what God sees and in our daily openness to God we begin to notice what God is doing all around us in the lives of people – but we cannot participate in all that God is doing. So, what part of all what God is doing are we to be about doing, what part of God’s mission are we called to do? So much of what we have been taught about church ministry has...

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