Vol 1:27 Listening for the Spirit – Part 2 (being incarnational)

Stopping to listen is an incarnational activity. This past week I was asked by a person in the church I serve what I meant by “incarnational” stating that many in the congregation are not quite sure what I mean by that term when I use it. Though I thought I explained what I mean by this term, apparently it has not been clear enough. When Jesus as God became a human being, God was...

Vol 1:26 Listening for the Spirit

These are continuing reflections on Roxburgh and Boren’s Introducing the Missional Church (Baker, 2009). In focusing on moving back into the neighborhood (MBiN), one of the key insights that the authors share is that we need to “stop to listen” (p. 86). Unless we “stop to listen” our ears, eyes and hearts will be filled with our own agendas and we will miss out what is going on around...

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