Vol 2: 16 Missional Church: Communities of the Spirit

As I continue reading Eugene Peterson’s memoir, The Pastor, I keep running into thoughts that ignite my pastoral and missional imagination, especially as it correlates with a post-Easter sermon series on 1 Peter in which I am focusing on what it means for us to be communities of the Resurrection, communities of the Spirit – filled with hope, sojourners in the land, being a royal priesthood,...

Vol 2:15 Pastoral Mission: Living Lives Which Point to God

I find myself reading memoirs of people I have come to respect over the years who have shaped my thinking, my ministering, my engaging the people of God, my trying to live my life under the reign of God. At the end of January I read Stanley Hauerwas’ memoir entitled, Hannah’s Child, and this past week I picked up Eugene Peterson’s memoir entitled, The Pastor. Both, Hauerwas and Peterson...

Vol 2:14 Embracing Mission: Living Missionally with One Another

This past weekend I was involved in my Mennonite community’s regional annual assembly. The theme for the weekend was ¡Abraza! – Embrace! Embrace each other for the glory of God focusing on Romans 15:5-7. Paul in Romans 14 addresses how easily it is for us to become divisive with one another over things which matter to some and do not matter to others. But no matter what our differences we...

Vol 2:13 Mundane Mission: Living Missionally from Day to Day

The idea of missional has been around for a number of years, long enough for people to “cookie-cutter” their own ideas into what missional means. A whole group of people who are getting what it means to be missional also express that it is best expressed in edgy environments. It seems to me that being engaged in missional ministry has also taken on an aura of “coolness” – but what...

Vol 2:12 No Place for Spectators: Pastoral Care, Church and Mission

There is no place for spectators in the missional church – all who respond to the call of Christ are sent into the world to be participants with God in God’s redemptive mission. Now at first, even as I make this statement, it sounds biased towards those who are able, and so perhaps even a bit harsh – what about those who may be unable to actively participate, those who may be struggling,...

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