Vol 2:35 The Soul of God: God Includes Us in God’s Missional Purpose

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring insights I have gained from reading Ray Anderson’s theological memoir, entitled, The Soul of God. Ray Anderson, though I was never able to share it with him personally, had a tremendous influence in my life – he has shaped much of my understanding and engagement of pastoral ministry. If you have not discovered his writing, I invite you to do so...

Vol 2:34 Mission and Evangelism: Inviting All to Be Human in Relationship with God

Over the last few weeks I have been exploring Ben Campbell Johnson’s Speaking of God: Evangelism as Initial Spiritual Guidance, yet, this week, I am drawing on two or three other insights to expand the focus on mission and evangelism. The first insight has to do with a hospital visit in which we were talking about faith, religion, and being human. I expressed that often religion is...

Vol 2:33 Mission and Evangelism: Living Life through “Gospel Filters”

Ben Campbell Johnson in Speaking of God: Evangelism as Initial Spiritual Guidance expresses the process of discernment as listening through “gospel filters” (cf. p. 121). I would like to take that a step further by asking the question as to how we live our lives through “gospel filters.” This is not a way of seeing through “rosy tinted glasses” which causes us to see what we want to...

Vol 2: 32 Mission and Evangelism: Open to Seeing What God is Doing in Us

Ongoing reflections relating to Ben Campbell Johnson’s Speaking of God: Evangelism as Initial Spiritual Guidance, which focuses on reframing evangelism within a missional perspective. We have been exploring what it means to reframe evangelism as a conversation involving giving initial spiritual guidance or direction to people with whom the Spirit connects us. Yet, I realize that I often am...

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