Vol 2:43 The Soul of God: A Christmas Gift – Resurrection and Missional Participation

As we come to the end of the year, this will be my last reflection on Ray Anderson’s theological memoir, The Soul of God. Anderson notes that in Christianity that we rightfully make much of the cross – the cross is essential to the mission of God, but then he remarks that the cross is the end, it is not the beginning – Resurrection is the beginning. As we celebrate Christmas this week and...

Vol 2: 42 The Soul of God: Offering God our Brokenness – God’s Grace in Broken Places

In this Advent season, a time of grace and hope, we often misunderstand grace – grace, however is a gift, not for how good we have been – ala God checking a list to see who is naughty and whose nice, but a gift of grace in the midst of brokenness, barrenness. If this is the case, then grace is indeed an act of hope, especially in our difficulties we face in these days. Ray Anderson, in his...

Vol 2:41 The Soul of God: Advent as the Incarnation of God’s Mercy

In this Advent season, many wonder why God became a human being to dwell among us. The simple answer is that God loves us and is merciful to us. What does this mercy entail? Ray Anderson’s theological memoir, The Soul of God, has an insight. When humanity abandoned God to try to do life on their own, we were like teenagers who know their parents know nothing. But we did not do well on our...

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