Vol 3:15 Missional Living: Forgetting to Make Room for the Spirit

I had a great weekend at the Illinois Mennonite Conference Annual Assembly in which we focused upon being Co-laborers with God in God’s Service. There was great preaching, great conversation, great engagement in workshops, great food – it was a very good weekend. And then I came home – and I began to be overwhelmed with the tasks and “duties” of ministry. I received emails and phone...

Vol 3:14 Missional Living: Focusing on What (Whom) God Notices

What makes us missional? Being missional I am realizing has less to do with focusing on the task of God’s mission as it does focusing on what God notices. Or perhaps, it is better stated, whom God notices. This coming week I am speaking at the Illinois Mennonite Conference Annual Assembly. The theme for the assembly is 1 Corinthians 3:9 – Co-workers in God’s Service! As I was...

Vol 3:13 Missional Living: The Ultimate Reorientation of Resurrection

What makes us missional? I contend that it is not having a missional attitude or perspective, nor reading missional books, nor holding to a missional theology, nor having a missional agenda, nor being a speaker on the missional circuit. Being missional is an act of the Spirit that comes through our being reoriented in all of our life through participating with Jesus Christ in his resurrection...

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