Vol 3: 19 Missional Living: What’s Important? – Living in the Leading of the Spirit

“What’s important?” is an important question in discerning how we are to participate with God in God’s mission. A corollary question is asking, “how do I know what I should be doing in participating with God in God’s mission?” In other blogs I have talked about being open to sense what the Spirit is doing in forming a community, in discovering the vision the Spirit is making...

Vol 3:18 Missional Living: Not “OverThinking” – Living in the Leading of the Spirit

In a recent The Economist, I read about how we tend to “overthink” in critical situations. I do not have the issue with me so I am recollecting what I read and offer some comments that relate to our living missionally. The article expressed that when we get into tough or critical situations, the difference between succeeding or failing has much to do with our overthinking what we should do....

Vol 3:17 Missional Living: Ministry as “Exhaling” the Spirit

Last weekend I spoke at an Illinois Mennonite Conference sister congregation in central Illinois and a metaphor emerged as I was preaching that I want to explore deeper. The text was John 20:19-23. I focused upon the re-creative act of Jesus in which Jesus breathed upon his disciples and said “Receive the Holy Spirit.” I call this act of Jesus’ re-creative, because just as John 1...

Vol 3: 16 Missional Living: The Chaos of Following the Spirit

Following the Spirit can only be described as chaotic when we sense we have lost or are losing control in knowing where we are being led. We determine a situation is chaotic, when we cannot exert enough influence to ensure the outcomes we desire. Exercising effective leadership has much to do with bringing order out of chaos – but I suspect it has little to do with being open to the leading...

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