On Sabbatical: Taking a Two-Month Break from Missional Matters

In preparation for a month-long writing sabbatical and some vacation, I am taking a two-month break from blogging about Missional Matters. I will be back again during the week of August 12th, so expect to see a blog that week. On my writing sabbatical I will be organizing scribblings from a number of years, and doing some fresh research and writing on undoing the violence of leadership in the...

Vol. 3:21 Understanding Missional: Why is it so Difficult?

For many people missional has come to me what they want it to mean – supporting their view of ministry, supporting the way they have done things, supporting their understanding of God – not necessitating that they need to repent of erroneous views or practices. Over the past week I have been in an email exchange with another Mennonite pastor who is proposing the use of another term instead...

Vol 3:20 Misunderstanding Missional: A Response to Ron Adam’s article in The Mennonite – “Bearing Witness to our Missional God: A proposal to replace the word ‘missional’ with ‘bearing witness.’”

Ron Adams, pastor of Madison (Wis.) Mennonite Church, is more missional than he realizes as he makes the proposal for replacing the word missional with bearing witness. In the June 2012 issue of The Mennonite (pp. 16-18), he argues that a new term is needed because we are befuddled by the word missional (p. 17). Adams has a point and yet he also misses the point. First, Adams misses the point,...

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