Vol 3: 23 The Missioinal Practice of Nonviolence: Part 2

To make the claim, as I did last week, that leadership in the West is shaped by a culture of violence and that a necessary project for the North American church is to undo the violence of leadership in the church, gives rise to a significant question regarding nonviolence – is nonviolence intrinsic to what it means to be Christian, to be a follower of Jesus? J. Denny Weaver, who as a...

Vol 3: 22 The Missional Practice of Nonviolence

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been gone for a number of weeks on a sabbatical focusing on reframing how we go about exercising the gift of leading in the church. My working title is: Undoing the violence of leadership in the church. I am asking the following question in my exploration: When the way we lead is shaped by the culture in which we live, and that culture is shaped...

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