Vol 3: 29 What Does Salvation Have to Do With Being Missional?

I have discovered that a number of people have a difficult time with the concept of salvation, especially if it is to be understood as Jesus dying on the cross for our sins in order to satisfy God’s wrath against sin (someone’s got to pay for the penalty of sin?) or paying a ransom for humanity being “kidnapped” by the power of sin and death. The problem with these understandings, it...

Vol 3: 28 How Does God Act When God Acts Missionally?

In asking this question, this is not so much a question about whether God acts missionally – Scripture is pretty clear that God acts in such a way as to bring about God’s redemptive purposes of making all things new – rather, this question is asking: in what way or how does God act when God acts missionally? How does God relate to us? As an aloof deity or as One who is engaged with us? ...

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