Vol 3:34 Mission and Getting in the Way of Violence

The horrific happenings of this week with the shootings of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut not only cause to be angry and to grieve and mourn with the families whose lives have been deeply changed forever, but also foster within me a greater impetus, a greater passion to participate with God in God’s redemptive mission in our broken world. The...

Vol 3: 33 Mission and Faith

In this season of Advent, as we look back remembering Christ’s incarnation and birth and as we look forward to Christ’s return, we are also encouraged to be a people of hope and faith. In my reading of Scripture last week, I came to a different perspective on faith, which I would like to explore with you. I was reading Matthew 16 about the Pharisees demanding a sign from Jesus, but Jesus...

Vol 3:32 Mission and Homelessness

In this season of Advent, we remember that God embraced our humanity in the midst of homelessness – Jesus being born in a stable; a stable which was not Joseph’s nor Mary’s – far away from their home in Nazareth. Also, during Jesus’ ministry he had no place to lay his head – he was an itinerant homeless rabbi dependent upon the hospitality of his disciples and friends. For the...

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