Vol 4:15 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 11: The Brokenness within God’s Mission

I do not know what to make of the brokenness within God’s leading, but it is there – and it provides a sobering perspective on how we go about leading. I am in the midst of reading through the Scriptures once again, this time through the lens of The Message. Today I was reading a section from Genesis which included Genesis 38, a break in the story of Joseph, to tell about Judah, his affair...

Vol 4:14 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 10: Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

In leading missionally within the context of the congregation I have served, I am learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. In many ways I would rather be comfortable with being comfortable, but I am discovering that makes ministry all about me, rather than where the Spirit is leading us, and how we are being called to participate with God in God’s mission. Being comfortable closes...

Vol 4:13 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 9: Learning to Sit at the Jesus’ Feet

Now that Easter is over and the hecticness that comes with it, if one is in church ministry – with all the special Holy Week services, and Easter morning services, do we take a break, or do we begin moving off in another direction with a similar hectic pace? As pastoral leaders, what are we modeling when we lead in the way we lead, when our leading seems to move from one responsibility to...

Vol 4:12 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 8: Rhythms of Refreshing

This is turning out to be a particularly difficult post-Easter season, at least health-wise. Both my wife and I are trying to get some meds working in such a way that side effects are minimized – this process can be frustrating at times, especially when it affects my ability to enjoy hiking and cycling outdoors, which provides refreshment and renewal for me. This has got me thinking about how...

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