Vol 4:24 Missional Stamina: A Lesson from the 100th Tour de France

I am a cycler. I am, however, not a cycler like those who compete in the Tour de France. But for an old guy I don’t do too bad cycling the back roads of Wisconsin (just north of where I live.) For example last Monday, a buddy and I cycled almost 30 miles averaging 15 mph – it was a hard ride, hot and humid and took a while to recover. I am also a Tour de France junkie. The Tour is going...

Vol 4:23 Missional Vision: We Shall Do Greater Things

This past week I was at the Mennonite Church USA Convention in Phoenix in which we discerned how to respond to the issue of immigration in the United States – how do we embrace the stranger among us, especially when they appear as undocumentable immigrants. On our first evening of worship, we sang God of this City by Chris Tomlin. The chorus of this song expresses: For greater things have...

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