Vol 4: 29 Still Hung Up on Leadership: Finding a Spirit-led Way of Leading

Alan Roxburgh in a recent Missional Network (October 23, 2013) newsletter writes, “There isn’t an executive leader I’ve met recently who doesn’t recognize that practically everything about their jobs and roles has changed. They can describe how things used to work but confess they have few clues about how to lead in this new space. Leaders find themselves in a ‘space between.’...

Vol 4:28 Extraordinary Mission Tucked into Ordinary Days

I believe that God’s redemptive mission in the world is the active presence of God’s Spirit engaging people’s lives in radical transforming ways in which human lives, relationships, communities, and the world are turned right-side up. And such a radical renewing often involves ways of being God’s people in the world which are radical and transforming. It’s easy to discover that this...

Vol. 4: 27 We are Not Called to “Invade” our Neighborhoods: Being a Church Who “Comes” – Participating with God in Mission

I am gaining a different perspective on how we are to be church in the world. Often we have thought ourselves as being a community that responds to God’s call to “Go” into the world. But depending on how we go about our “going” we can come across as “invading” the communities in which we are trying to be incarnational. In preparing a message about God as the God who comes to us...

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