Vol 5:2 Don’t Forget About Jesus in Being Missional

Years ago I served at a prominent evangelical divinity school and I heard from not a few graduates that they had lost their devotion to Jesus through their studying at this school. They stated they came to seminary with a passion for Jesus and after three or four years, they developed a passion for God’s word – exegeting it, understanding it, preaching it, but wondered what had happened to...

Vol. 5:1 Craft Beers and the Franchising of Mission

This past Wednesday morning I was listening to National Public Radio as they were discussing the acquisition of Chicagoland craft beer Goose Island by Anheuser-Busch three years ago. The point of the discussion was whether Goose Island lost some of its uniqueness in being acquired. The discussion quickly led into other the acquisition of other small food brands and the impact that it has on the...

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