Vol. 7:1 Being Missional is about Living

I’ll admit that in moving to a new place that it can take a while to get one’s rhythm back – acclimating to the community, meeting new people, starting different kinds of work, discerning what God is up to and finding the regular disciplines again that once sustained you. I have been here in La Crosse for a year now and I have noticed I have not been writing much – at least not in blogs, and for sure here on Missional Matters.

Yet, as I reflect on this past year, I have come to realize that being missional is really just about living. Living humanely, living justly, living open to others, living noticing what God is up to, living joining in with God. It is realizing that living missionally is living into and living out what it means to be a re-created human being in Christ and always seeking to walk with Jesus in the rehumanized humanity that he revealed.

It is about living intentionally, but not living anxiously, even as that relates to missional ministry. I still see too many persons seeking to live missionally who are trying to create the right environment, plant the right kind of church, when being missional is all about living intentionally as the new creation humanity that we are being formed into because we are part of what Christ Jesus began to do and say and what he accomplished through his resurrection victory. It is discovering that I (we) are in Christ and are being called to live out our lives in connection with his and going about living – but living intentionally open to discern where the Spirit is moving, where the Spirit is active, and open to the cues that come through conversations as you are sitting with someone drinking a beer and talking about life. Eventually, without my needing to prompt, when I seek to be open to what the Spirit is doing, the conversation turns to discuss inward things, life things, spiritual things. The Life that is God always finds a way into the conversation because the Spirit is continually sowing seeds of life all around.

And so I am still developing my daily rhythms – regularly praying and reflecting on God’s Story and Vision in Scripture, continually being open to notice what the Spirit of God is up to in the places I go to work, play, and be with others, connecting with people and sharing in life with them.

Being missional is about being intentional, but it is not about planning what we need to do to be missional, to be engaged in ministry, it is about living with ears and eyes wide open to what God is doing all around me, all around us. I am still living into this, but I am realizing more and more each day that to be missional is just to Live!

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