A Missional Reader

A Missional Reader is a compilation of articles on themes such as Missional Church, Missional Hermeneutics, Missional Spirituality, Missional Leadership, and Missional Theology. To access an article, just click on a title.

Missional Theology

Tormod Engelsviken. Missio Dei: The Understanding and Misunderstanding of a Theological Concept

John F. Hoffmeyer. The Missional Trinity .

Stephen R. Holmes. Trinitarian Missiology

Darrell L. Guder. Missional Theology for a Missional Church

Perspectives. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement – Core Ideas

Tite Tienou and Paul Hiebert. Missional Theology .

Missional Church

J. Todd Billings. What Makes a Church Missional

Richard Bliese. The Mission Matrix: Mapping Out the Complexities of a Missional Ecclesiology

Mike Brantley. The Fragrance: The Missional Church in the 21st Century

Todd Hiestand. The Gospel and the God-forsaken

Alan J. Roxburgh. The Missional Church

Craig Van Gelder. From Corporate Church to Missional Church: The Challenge Facing Congregations Today

Gailyn Van Rheenen. Contrasting Missional and Church Growth Perspectives

Missional Leadership

Donald Goertz. The Shape of Missional Leadership

Len Hjalmarson. The Trinitarian Nature of Leadership

Missional Hermeneutics

James V. Brownson. Speaking the Truth in Love: Elements of a Missional Hermeneutic

George Hunsberger. The Missional Voice and Posture of Public Theologizing

Daniel Oudshoorn. Speaking Christianly as a Missional Activity in the Midst of Babel

Missional Spirituality

Hjalmarson, Len. Toward a Missional Spirituality

Houtman, Dick and Stef Aupers. The Spiritual Turn and Decline of Tradition: The Spread of Post-Christian Spirituality in 14 Western Countries, 1981-2000

Muldoon, Tim. Postmodern Spirituality and the Ignatian Fundamentum

Northumbria Community. No. 29 Matching Monasticism and Mission

Shepherd, Andrew. God is Communion: A Spirituality of Being

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