Vol 5:6 Experimenting in Being Missional Church

I had a lunch conversation today that reminded me about what it means to experiment in being missional church. Experimenting in being missional church is experimenting in discovering what it is to have Christ at the center of all that we do. It is experimenting with Christ being the one who holds us together, rather than what we create to hold us together. It is experimenting with the learning...

Vol. 5:5 Dreaming in Missional Ways

It’s been a while since I posted my last Missional Matters blog – since February in fact. I have gone through some changes in my life in which I sense a re-focusing and a recommitting of myself to those things that are important and vital in my life. I had too much on my plate and needed to get back to doing what I need to be doing – in much more simple ways. In saying this, I realize...

Vol 5:4 Does Life Happen When We are Missional?

A couple of weeks ago I reflected on what moves me to be missional. This question is in a similar vein – because why try to be missional if life does not happen whenever we seek to be missional? I meet pretty regularly with two other guys on Wednesday morning for breakfast and on one particular Wednesday, after we had split up to go our separate ways, I received a text: “Thanks for the...

Vol 5:3 What Moves Me to be Missional?

What moves me to be missional is much more than being obedient to God’s call upon my life – it is catching glimpse, catching a sense of what God sees and feels in encountering a broken world. One of my mentors – Ray S. Anderson, used to remark that the world does not set the agenda for our ministry, rather God does. Our ministry is first and foremost to God, and what touches the heart of...

Vol 5:2 Don’t Forget About Jesus in Being Missional

Years ago I served at a prominent evangelical divinity school and I heard from not a few graduates that they had lost their devotion to Jesus through their studying at this school. They stated they came to seminary with a passion for Jesus and after three or four years, they developed a passion for God’s word – exegeting it, understanding it, preaching it, but wondered what had happened to...

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