Vol 3: 33 Mission and Faith

In this season of Advent, as we look back remembering Christ’s incarnation and birth and as we look forward to Christ’s return, we are also encouraged to be a people of hope and faith. In my reading of Scripture last week, I came to a different perspective on faith, which I would like to explore with you. I was reading Matthew 16 about the Pharisees demanding a sign from Jesus, but Jesus...

Vol 3:31 Mission in the Midst of Life

As we come to the season of Advent, I realize celebrating Jesus’ coming and anticipating his return, has everything to do with embracing our humanity, embracing the gift of life we receive from God. Living our lives in relationship with God has very little to do with escaping this earth, waiting to be taken to heaven – especially if we understand that the new heaven and new earth are not...

Vol 2:41 The Soul of God: Advent as the Incarnation of God’s Mercy

In this Advent season, many wonder why God became a human being to dwell among us. The simple answer is that God loves us and is merciful to us. What does this mercy entail? Ray Anderson’s theological memoir, The Soul of God, has an insight. When humanity abandoned God to try to do life on their own, we were like teenagers who know their parents know nothing. But we did not do well on our...

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