Vol 5:4 Does Life Happen When We are Missional?

A couple of weeks ago I reflected on what moves me to be missional. This question is in a similar vein – because why try to be missional if life does not happen whenever we seek to be missional? I meet pretty regularly with two other guys on Wednesday morning for breakfast and on one particular Wednesday, after we had split up to go our separate ways, I received a text: “Thanks for the...

Vol 4: 29 Still Hung Up on Leadership: Finding a Spirit-led Way of Leading

Alan Roxburgh in a recent Missional Network (October 23, 2013) newsletter writes, “There isn’t an executive leader I’ve met recently who doesn’t recognize that practically everything about their jobs and roles has changed. They can describe how things used to work but confess they have few clues about how to lead in this new space. Leaders find themselves in a ‘space between.’...

Vol 4:19 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 15: Leading New Wineskins

I recently picked up a book I have had on my shelf for a number of years and began reading it – They Call Us Dead Men: Reflections on Life and Conscience by Daniel Berrigan, S.J. In it, among numerous other things, he talks about the church and advocates for regaining a sense of church as youthful. He states, “Genuine youthfulness in the Church never canonizes human beings or their works. ...

Vol 4:14 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 10: Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

In leading missionally within the context of the congregation I have served, I am learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. In many ways I would rather be comfortable with being comfortable, but I am discovering that makes ministry all about me, rather than where the Spirit is leading us, and how we are being called to participate with God in God’s mission. Being comfortable closes...

Vol 3: 16 Missional Living: The Chaos of Following the Spirit

Following the Spirit can only be described as chaotic when we sense we have lost or are losing control in knowing where we are being led. We determine a situation is chaotic, when we cannot exert enough influence to ensure the outcomes we desire. Exercising effective leadership has much to do with bringing order out of chaos – but I suspect it has little to do with being open to the leading...

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