Vol 5:2 Don’t Forget About Jesus in Being Missional

Years ago I served at a prominent evangelical divinity school and I heard from not a few graduates that they had lost their devotion to Jesus through their studying at this school. They stated they came to seminary with a passion for Jesus and after three or four years, they developed a passion for God’s word – exegeting it, understanding it, preaching it, but wondered what had happened to...

Vol 4: 26 Mission and Theological Diveristy: Finding a Safe Place Centered in Christ Jesus

When new persons come to worship in our Anabaptist community, I often find in response to a question about who we are and what we are like, state, “we are a theological diverse community centered in Jesus Christ.” It always evokes a question for further explanation. And in saying this, I realize that for some this can be refreshing and for others it can be somewhat threatening. It all...

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