Vol 3:32 Mission and Homelessness

In this season of Advent, we remember that God embraced our humanity in the midst of homelessness – Jesus being born in a stable; a stable which was not Joseph’s nor Mary’s – far away from their home in Nazareth. Also, during Jesus’ ministry he had no place to lay his head – he was an itinerant homeless rabbi dependent upon the hospitality of his disciples and friends. For the...

Vol 2:33 Mission and Evangelism: Living Life through “Gospel Filters”

Ben Campbell Johnson in Speaking of God: Evangelism as Initial Spiritual Guidance expresses the process of discernment as listening through “gospel filters” (cf. p. 121). I would like to take that a step further by asking the question as to how we live our lives through “gospel filters.” This is not a way of seeing through “rosy tinted glasses” which causes us to see what we want to...

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