Vol 3:1 Participating with God in God’s Mission in the Ordinary Rhythms of Our Lives

For those who do not follow a liturgical calendar, we are entering the season of Epiphany. Epiphany is a Greek word meaning “manifestation.” Epiphany is a time of God’s presence being revealed through the discovery by the magi that God has come to be among us in being born as a human being in the person of Jesus. God being manifested in Jesus reveals God up close and personal to the...

Vol 2:40 The Soul of God: So this is Christmas – Jesus, the Embodiment of God’s Mission

In this Advent season, many wonder who this Jesus, whom we celebrate at Christmas, really is. Jesus is the active participation of God in humanity in order to reconcile humanity to God. This insight is expressed in Ray Anderson’s theological memoir, The Soul of God. There is something completely unique and completely human about Jesus that embodies and fulfills the mission of God in...

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