Vol 4: 29 Still Hung Up on Leadership: Finding a Spirit-led Way of Leading

Alan Roxburgh in a recent Missional Network (October 23, 2013) newsletter writes, “There isn’t an executive leader I’ve met recently who doesn’t recognize that practically everything about their jobs and roles has changed. They can describe how things used to work but confess they have few clues about how to lead in this new space. Leaders find themselves in a ‘space between.’...

Vol 4:9 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 5: Mutual Submission

Rarely when we think about leadership and leading, do we think of submission. After all those who lead are seen as leaders because they have followers who, more or less, submit to their leadership. But I contend that mutual submission is an integral part of mission and leading Christ’s community – mission and submission go hand in hand. Mission cannot happen without submission. On the one...

Vol 3:6 Let’s Get Rid of Leadership: The Need for a New Vocabulary to Reframe Our Concepts of Leading

The term leadership is inadequate to express how we are to lead as we participate with God in God’s mission. This week I reflect further on Craig Van Gelder’s and Dwight J. Zscheile’s The Missional Church in Perspective: Mapping Trends and Shaping the Conversation. To reiterate, in this book, Van Gelder and Zscheile explore how the missional conversation has unfolded since the book...

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