Vol. 7:1 Being Missional is about Living

I’ll admit that in moving to a new place that it can take a while to get one’s rhythm back – acclimating to the community, meeting new people, starting different kinds of work, discerning what God is up to and finding the regular disciplines again that once sustained you. I have been here in La Crosse for a year now and I have noticed I have not been writing much – at...

Vol 3:18 Missional Living: Not “OverThinking” – Living in the Leading of the Spirit

In a recent The Economist, I read about how we tend to “overthink” in critical situations. I do not have the issue with me so I am recollecting what I read and offer some comments that relate to our living missionally. The article expressed that when we get into tough or critical situations, the difference between succeeding or failing has much to do with our overthinking what we should do....

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