Vol 3:32 Mission and Homelessness

In this season of Advent, we remember that God embraced our humanity in the midst of homelessness – Jesus being born in a stable; a stable which was not Joseph’s nor Mary’s – far away from their home in Nazareth. Also, during Jesus’ ministry he had no place to lay his head – he was an itinerant homeless rabbi dependent upon the hospitality of his disciples and friends. For the...

Vol 3: 7 A Church in Which the Spirit Dwells: Organizing Around the Moving of the Holy Spirit

I have had a number of conversations with church planters or others involved in revitalizing their congregations about how they plan to restructure the organizing of their churches to facilitate increased ministry effectiveness. In fact, I remember one such conversation in which my friend pointed to a 30-step plan his denomination had given to him to follow in planting and organizing a church,...

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