Vol 4: 30 Doing Local Theology as Missional Practice

I am reading a book recommended by Alan Roxburgh about learning how to join God in our neighborhoods. The book is entitled, Doing Local Theology: A Guide for Artisans of a New Humanity, by Clemens Sedmak. In it, Sedmak presents 50 theses involved for engaging in local theology. In his first thesis he states that engaging in local theology “is an invitation to wake up: to me mindful and...

Vol 4:4 Mission and Jubilee: Demonstrating a Radically Different Reality

Last week I and another member of our pastoral team spent a week at AMBS (Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary) in Elkhart, IN attending the Pastor’s Week conference focused upon The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us: The Immeasurable Dimensions of Jubilee. Jubilee, as it is presented in Scripture, engaged in 3 programs. In Deuteronomy 14 we read of a program which was to happen every 3 years...

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