Vol 4:5 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community

A couple of weeks ago, when I was at AMBS for Pastor’s Week, I had a very brief conversation with Willard Swartley, Professor Emeritus of New Testament at AMBS, about my interest in his book, The Covenant of Peace: The Missing Peace in New Testament Theology and Ethics. I remarked to him I was interested in gaining insights from him for what I was working on – undoing the violence of...

Vol 3: 26 The Missional Practice of Nonviolence: Giving Witness to a Different Reality

Does nonviolence work? I had someone drop in our office today to ask about the Mennonites – who are they and what do they believe in? We had a good conversation and we talked quite a bit about the Mennonites practice of nonviolence and peacemaking. A question that was raised, more implicitly than explicitly was “does nonviolence work?” My immediate response was: “Not always, perhaps...

Vol 3:25 The Missional Practice of Nonviolence: Contrast Witness in a Culture of Violence

In arguing that the roots of how we lead in the North American church is rooted in culture, I find J. Denny Weaver in his book, The Nonviolent Atonement to be an interesting conversation partner. In it he makes the following statement regarding the post-Constantinian church and its accommodation to the social order: “When the church comes to accept the social order and to see the structures...

Vol 3: 24 The Missional Practice of Nonviolence – Challenging Our Fear of Doing Nothing

If nonviolence were only a matter of faith, of what we profess, then I believe many more Christians would give assent to being nonviolent; it’s the realities of life that make nonviolence untenable – What about someone harming my family? What about Hitler? What about rampant violence overpowering and destroying the innocent in the world? It might be argued that “violence can only be...

Vol 3: 23 The Missioinal Practice of Nonviolence: Part 2

To make the claim, as I did last week, that leadership in the West is shaped by a culture of violence and that a necessary project for the North American church is to undo the violence of leadership in the church, gives rise to a significant question regarding nonviolence – is nonviolence intrinsic to what it means to be Christian, to be a follower of Jesus? J. Denny Weaver, who as a...

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