Vol 4:20 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 16: Leading and the Mundane Stuff of Life

In preparation for our summer and fall series on the Prophets (in following the lectionary, July through November Scriptural texts engage the major and minor prophets), I dusted off Abraham J. Heschel’s two-volume work on The Prophets, written in 1962. He mentioned something that caught my attention that I believe has import for those of us who are engaged in missional leading. In his first...

Vol 3: 23 The Missioinal Practice of Nonviolence: Part 2

To make the claim, as I did last week, that leadership in the West is shaped by a culture of violence and that a necessary project for the North American church is to undo the violence of leadership in the church, gives rise to a significant question regarding nonviolence – is nonviolence intrinsic to what it means to be Christian, to be a follower of Jesus? J. Denny Weaver, who as a...

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