Vol 3: 27 Being Missional When I Don’t Feel Like Doing Missional

Being missional is more than doing something different. Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing another missional thing. Being missional ought to affect not only how we go about engaging in ministry, engaging in participating with God in God’s bringing about shalom, but also how we are with God with whom we participate in making all things new. Too often, however, I have discovered that we...

Vol 3: 12 Missional Journey: Lent – The Reorientation of Sabbath Rest

As a Mennonite community, the community I pastor, we are on a journey throughout Lent in which we seek to focus on Psalms of Disorientation and Reorientation. Walter Brueggemann is the one who gives voice to this understanding of the Psalms (cf. Praying the Psalms, Spirituality of the Psalms) and expresses that the Psalms of Lament are meant to disorient us. Last week was a hard week – in...

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