Vol 4:11 Mission and Leading Christ’s Community – Part 7: Surprised by Resurrection

It is obvious that resurrection was a surprise to the disciples – obvious because their response was one of bewilderment and fear, even though Jesus had shared with them that he would rise in three days. Mark’s Gospel ends with the women, who discovered the empty tomb and encountered the angelic messenger, “trembling and bewildered” fleeing the tomb and saying nothing to anyone because...

Vol 3:13 Missional Living: The Ultimate Reorientation of Resurrection

What makes us missional? I contend that it is not having a missional attitude or perspective, nor reading missional books, nor holding to a missional theology, nor having a missional agenda, nor being a speaker on the missional circuit. Being missional is an act of the Spirit that comes through our being reoriented in all of our life through participating with Jesus Christ in his resurrection...

Vol 2:43 The Soul of God: A Christmas Gift – Resurrection and Missional Participation

As we come to the end of the year, this will be my last reflection on Ray Anderson’s theological memoir, The Soul of God. Anderson notes that in Christianity that we rightfully make much of the cross – the cross is essential to the mission of God, but then he remarks that the cross is the end, it is not the beginning – Resurrection is the beginning. As we celebrate Christmas this week and...

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